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Outdoor Media Services

From Billboards to Mall Displays to Theater Advertising, Billboard Connection strives to create campaigns focused on expanding your market reach.


We take the work out of your hands so that you have time to run your business. You'll have the confidence in knowing that we will find the best billboards and outdoor advertising opportunities for you.


Just as important, we know how to help you take advantage of them quickly and easily, because we offer a full range of services from location analysis and account service to graphic design and printing.


Free up your time and let Billboard Connection take care of your outdoor advertising needs!

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A dominating presence that cannot be turned off, ignored or thrown away unopened and remains the true 24/7 form of advertising, that's billboards. Located on key highways, intersections and main points to all major cities, billboards are an advertising mainstay. Choose a permanent billboard for directional or point-of-purchase purposes or for brand awareness. Or rotate your billboard advertisement to different locations every couple of months for maximum exposure to a variety of customers. Regardless of the program selected, billboards make a creative splash into any market.


Mobile advertising allows your business the flexibility to either target a specific, small geographical area or a large county or city. Routes are predetermined by you, the advertiser, so we can get your message to the public immediately and command attention on the roadways. Mobile billboards are constantly in the eye of the public reaching a variety and varying amount of consumers. Programs vary in duration from as short as a day to a weekend, full month or longer.

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           MALL KIOSKS


When it comes to shopping, many advertisers enjoy the prime visibility that varying types of mall advertising provides. The most popular form of mall advertising is kiosks. It's the next best thing to point-of-purchase advertising. Beyond kiosks, malls are going high tech with digital screens placed near escalators and elevators to gain the attention of a captive audience. Additionally, an advertiser's imagination is the only limitation for mall advertising. From wrapped escalator steps and hand rails to floor graphics, you can attract wandering shoppers directly to your doors.

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Transit shelters, are placed along busy primary streets throughout the market and typically situated where traditional billboards are limited or not permitted. Transit shelters capture the attention of consumers driving by or waiting at busy intersections because the advertisements are highly visible and located at eye level. They are usually inexpensively priced, making them perfect for long-term promotions. Because transit shelters are backlit for easy night viewing, your message will be noticed any hour of the day.

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Movie theater media reaches up to 75 million moviegoers each month, and its advertising recalls are four times higher than ads placed on television. Movie theater advertising reaches targeted consumers with innovative messages that engage moviegoers in a highly effective manner. We will help you choose the right cinema product that's best for your ad campaign whether it's Static Slides, Digital Ads or Rollingstock. Effective movie theater advertising can also include one-to-one promotions, partnering with events or sponsorships and can be conducted at the venues themselves, with marketing teams promoting a variety of products to consumers as they are waiting in line or approaching the theater

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